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Enter a new dimension

The world’s best full-body VR experience

Dive into a new world – with all your senses!


Your movements are recorded in real-time using sensors on your hands, feet, torso and head. You will enter the game as a 3D avatar.

100m2 space

Move freely with up to 4 persons in our 100m2 space – enjoy full immersion in the virtual world with your friends!

4D Virtual Reality

Sensations such as heat, cold, wind and the interaction with objects enhance your experience and make the illusion strikingly real.

State-of-the-art equipment

Wear the latest computer backpack and fire the Striker-VR with realistic recoil – our cutting-edge gadgets are sure to intensify your experience!

Our games

Temple of the Diamond Skull

Your team sets out in search of the long-lost “Diamond Skull” artifact.
A scan of an Earth-like planet has revealed a significant energy source.
It is believed to be the artifact “Diamond Skull.” Some civilizations believe that this artifact is the true origin of all life forms in the universe.
Your mission is to enter the temple complex and locate the energy source.

Minimum age: 12 years
Number of participants: 2-4
Game duration: 20-30 minutes
Visit duration: approx. 40 minutes
Cost: 139 € / Group

The Lost City

After the outbreak of the zombie pandemic, mankind lost all its major cities and had to retreat to rural areas. Space and infrastructure are inadequate.
For months the military has been planning to reconquer the city in order to build a new base. Hundreds of soldiers are supported by vehicles and helicopters, but the mission turns into a disaster.
Your team is one of the last to survive and must fight its way through the hordes of the undead.
Headquarters, call sign “Godfather,” will maintain constant radio communications to provide you with important information to help you escape this hell.

Minimum age: 18 years
Number of participants: 2-4
Game duration: 20 – 30 minutes
Visit duration: approx. 40 minutes
Price: 139 € / Group

Patient Zero

A deadly virus broke out in a secret laboratory. The plant’s security mechanism was activated when an infected person left the restricted area.
The analysis of the surveillance camera footage shows zombie-like behavior of infected persons, patient zero died in lab 1 before the outbreak.
Your team will be sent to a remote canyon in the desert to rescue surviving staff and recover Patient Zero’s medical records.
The outbreak of the pandemic must be stopped!

Minimum age: 18 years
Number of participants: 2-4
Game duration: 20 – 30 minutes
Visit duration: approx. 40 minutes
Price: 139 € / Group



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