Infected with the VR virus

VR Nation is proud to bring the first full-body, four-dimensional VR experience to Germany! Most VR experiences have so far only used VR glasses and handheld equipment. Now, VR Nation is happy to present the latest, enhanced VR experience with full-body tracking!

After a full-body scan, we invite you to participate in a game with all your senses. You wear sensors on your hands and feet, VR glasses on your head and a backpack with all your computer equipment on your back – all wireless, of course.

With this equipment you can move freely in the virtual world. You can always interact with your teammates, hand over objects, talk to them, touch them – you will get to experience a completely new world as if it were real.

We were infected by the virtual virus when we immersed ourselves in 4D-VR technology in Switzerland. Now we’ve isolated the virus – and infected you with it.

VR Nation GmbH’s technology and software is 100% developed and programmed in Switzerland by trueVRsystems. Now, we have brought it to Berlin – immerse yourself in the new dimension of the VR world!